Leonardo-UniGe CyberSecurity Scholarship Program

The Lenardo-Unige Cybersecurity Scholarship Program is a training program open to all students of the University of Genoa. It offers an innovative, hands-on training path that provides students with the practical skills needed defend modern ICT infrastructures from cyber attacks. It consists of two phases:

The winners of the Cyber Defence Simulation will be awarded 4 scholarships.

Please follow this link for more information on the enrollment procedure.

Award Ceremony - May 16, 2022 - Aula Magna, Università degli Studi di Genova


UniGe: Computer Security Lab

The Computer Security Laboratory (CSec-Lab) is the research team of the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering  (DIBRIS) of the University of Genoa. The research activities span Application Security (Software, Web, and Mobile Security), Digital Identity, Cyber Ranges, IoT Security, Privacy, and Cybersecurity of Cyber-physical Systems.

Leonardo: Cyber Security Division

Leonardo is a leading Italian Aerospace, Defense and Security organisation with nearly 50,000 employees, active in 150 countries. Headquartered in Genoa, the Cyber ​​Security Division provides robust and bespoke solutions for organisations operating within highly regulated safety and mission critical environments, including professional communication networks, control rooms, secure digitalization of Public Administrations, smart mobility, cyber security systems and IT intelligence platforms. 

Form more information: cyberandsecurity@leonardocompany.com

Twitter: /LDO_CyberSec

Instagram /leonardo_company

Linkedin: /leonardo-security-&-information-systems


ZenHack is a Zena-based CTF & cybersecurity Team founded in 2017 by a group of students and researchers interested in cybersecurity. The team is located in Genoa (Genova in Italian), Italy, and is hosted by the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS) of the University of Genoa.

The faculty point of contact is Alessandro Armando (Computer Security Laboratory).


The faculty point of contact is Alessandro Armando (mail - Computer Security Laboratory).

To get in touch with the ZenHack Team, please write to info@zenhack.team. 

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